Primary Biliary Cholangitis or PBC

(formerly known as Primary Biliary Cirrhosis)

Itchiness is a lesser known aspect of PBC liver disease that can impact sleep, mood and activities of daily living for patients. A clinical trial is researching the ability of an investigational medicine to treat PBC related itchiness.

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Study details

Eligibility requirements

Participants must:

  • Be between 18-80 years old
  • Have been diagnosed with Primary Biliary Cholangitis (PBC)
  • Feel itchy due to their PBC

Participants must not:

  • Have active Hepatitis B or C

If you would like to speak to someone regarding this trial, first check to see if you meet the basic criteria above. If you meet the criteria and are interested in learning more about determining your eligibility we can contact you by phone to discuss additional eligibility requirements, discuss your interest and answer questions you may have about the clinical trial.