Opportunities to participate in Crohn's disease clinical research

For people living with Crohn’s disease, current treatments may ease symptoms, but they don’t work for everyone. The good news: Clinical trials offer Crohn’s patients the opportunity to try potential treatments, as well as help move Crohn's research forward. Answer a few questions to see if you may qualify for new Crohn's disease clinical research opportunities.

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Research studies and clinical trials test whether a new potential treatment is safe and effective for patients. In some cases, volunteering for research can be done from the comfort of your home. There are many reasons people choose to participate in research and join clinical trials, including access to treatment and receiving quality care. It’s critical that you have the opportunity to share your experience with your disease or condition. The decision to join a clinical trial or a research study is always a personal choice, and you can leave a clinical trial at any time, for any reason.