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We are on a collaborative mission to ensure people have access to information about medical research when and where they need it.

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About Connect Network™

Connect Network™ is a community of health portals, non-profit organizations, patient advocates, and influencers who believe there can be no breakthroughs, no new treatments or cures, without people taking part in research.

Members of our network host our search tool on their trusted sites so visitors can discover research options and connect to the medical teams that can make those options reality. As a member of our Connect Network, you can help us build a world of clarity, accessibility, and better health for all.

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Ready to see what Antidote’s free, patient-friendly search tool can do for your community? Our tool is easy-to-install, compliant, and updated regularly so that your users always have access to cutting-edge research.

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We're organizing the world's research information to transform the way patients and researchers connect.

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We come to work every day knowing that we have a hand in shaping medical history.

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