About medical research

Before taking part in a study, it's important to be informed. Read on for research info from our friends at the Center for Information and Study on Clinical Research Participation (CISCRP).

Clinical Trials 101

What exactly is a clinical trial? Who participates? What’s a placebo, or how about a protocol? Here you’ll find answers to these and other frequently asked questions about medical research.

Clinical trials, by the numbers

Everyday, researchers are learning more about clinical trials and the experience of volunteers. Why do people participate? How do they find out about studies? Available here are charts and stats detailing this information and more.

Watch and learn

Watch a variety of videos on topics ranging from general clinical trial participation information to real stories of people who have taken part in trials.

Questions to ask

Ready to talk to someone about a clinical trial? This list of questions is useful to ask the research staff about a clinical trial.

Dispelling the myths

Stan Collendar is a clinical trial participant. He views his role as that of pioneer, rather than lab rat. He shares his journey and explains his perspective as a clinical trial “test pilot.”